Beginning my practice at the Art of Pilates by Einat has been a life changing experience. After the initial frustration that it had taken me so long to discover the studio my emotions quickly shifted to that of gratitude. I am grateful to the instructors who take the time to push me beyond my limits both physically and as a whole. I feel grateful for the acceptance that I have been shown since the first moment I entered the space and I am grateful for the relationships I have made. We all come from different walks of life yet we share the experience of feeling success in our body, our minds and the progress of this business. My body has been transformed in ways I never thought imaginable. Through the sweat and pain it is still my happy place. As a mother and teacher who is always caring for others it is nice to have somewhere to go and feel someone is caring for my well being and helping me to rebuild.
Einat and her instructors are knowledgeable, compassionate, generous with their guidance and technique and most importantly make each individual feel seen. With their strong and caring touch I am forever changed for the better. Some people go to church or temple, I go to Pilates. I cannot contain my excitement for the future opportunities and growth that are in store for anyone that enters those doors!

Michelle Fitch

I came to The Art of Pilates by Einat after a post surgical hiatus that somehow lasted for two years. I suffered from poor posture, aching back and hips and an overall inflexibility. I also hated exercising. Especially exercise classes. During the first Pilates class, I was impressed with the totality of the workout and Einat’s ability to give each student attention and accommodations to meet individual needs. Form was emphasized over speed and repetitions. I made a vow to continue, and a personal goal to be able to complete all of the exercises in the class. I quickly became addicted to Pilates, and the overall feeling of mental and physical well-being that accompanies it. My posture improved, I lost weight, gained lean muscle and for the first time, I felt strong. I carve out those hours in my schedule for Pilates because I simply feel better doing it. Einat and her teachers are motivating and push each student to potential they didn’t even know they had. I know I will continue with Pilates throughout my life.


I’ve dedicated a good portion of my adult life to exercising. I’ve done p90x, yoga, pilates, running, the gym, spinning, and more. Every method I’ve done has yielded positive results of weight loss and toning but it wasn’t until I committed to THE ART OF PILATES studio that I really noticed my body change shape. I have experienced other reformer classes but none have equaled the challenge I face each time I enter a class. I’m going on 4 years now with Einat and this past year with our other amazing instructors, JoAnne and Tamar. I look forward to class not just because of the challenge and results of the workouts, but because my instructors have become my friends.

Jennifer Mazur

I have been a Pilates student for the last 23 years. I have had many instuctors and have practiced in a variety of studios. I began training with Einat 8 years ago and have enjoyed each and every class. I began attending group classes one time a week and I presently train with Einat or one of her very competent instructors, Tamar or Joanne three times weekly. Einat and her staff (which she has hand picked and nurtured in her method) are very professional, knowledgeable and qualified to train each of their clients in “The Art of Pilates”. Throughout my experience with The Art of Pilates by Einat, I have brought a variety of issues “to the mat.” Einat and her staff have treated my injuries (unrelated to my Pilates workouts) with extreme caution, professionalism and sympathy. They are able and willing to adjust “my workout” to help me fulfill my fitness goals. Each of my injuries have been supported and treated until they no longer exist. I highly recommend The Art of Pilates by Einat, if you are looking for a complete and thorough workout. The mind and body are challenged during each session with a vigorous routine which includes balance, strength and stamina. The group aspect of the work out is definitely a plus. All the other students are supportive and the camaraderie amongst the class helps to ensure that you leave feeling strong, invigorated, healthy and happy!!

Suzanne Frank

It’s 6:10 AM and my alarm goes off. My first thought is ugh! I have Pilates in 20 mins and the thought of leaving my warm bed does not appeal to me at all. I force myself to eat half a banana and I leave in a hurry.  I get to class and Einat is already very awake and cheery and instructing us to put our bodies in different positions, sometimes with weights, ball between our thighs, between our ankles, or under our buttocks.  I barely have my eyes open, but she continues…A pull here, a push up there, hold your abs. Sometimes she will put our bodies in odd positions and I joke with the others that she must be reading torture manuals.   Approximately 15 to 20 minutes into the class, I wake up from the burn of my muscles, my core, my buttocks.  My endorphins start to kick in and I’m feeling strong, awake and happy.  Einat keeps going, pushing, encouraging and believing in each of us together and individually.  It’s been 3 years since I experienced my first class where I almost passed out (because I forgot to eat prior to class) and my body has transformed. Not only do I feel good, but I feel strong.  I leave class happy and I feel like I can do anything. The class sets the tone for the rest of the day with good positive energy.  I can do anything!  Einat’s passion for her craft and her students is contagious. She pushes you and believes in you.  She wants you to believe in yourself and to improve your physical and emotional well being.  I’m glad I found Pilates by Einat.


“If you decide to start practicing pilates, remember that a large part of it has to do with your instructor and his/her attention to detail. You need someone who will push your limits in a healthy way and also pay attention to your form, breathing and alignment. If you live on Long Island, I STRONGLY recommend The Art of Pilates by Einat. The trainers in this Pilates only studio are focused, extremely educated about the practice and give you an amazing workout. Their prices are also very reasonable, which I find important. This shows me that they not only are in this for the business but also because they care about helping people get healthy and strong.”

Lisa Shanken, Nutrition Counselor