Einat Lampert is the founder and owner of The Art of Pilates By Einat. Prior to opening her studio in 2008, her varied background included serving as a soldier in the Israeli army, working as a trained paramedic, and several corporate positions. In the course of recuperating from an injury, Einat discovered Pilates, and was amazed at her recovery and transformation. She quickly recognized the wealth of mental and physical benefits of Pilates, and earned her certification in Pilates, Mat Pilates, Anatomy and Barre.

Einat’s teaching methods utilize her unique blend of training from the Israeli army, EMT experience, Anatomy knowledge and Pilates training to create classes for all levels of students. With safety as the primary concern, each class is limited to five people, so customization and accommodation of each student’s physical needs or limitations is easily managed. The routines are carefully sequenced to provide a full-body workout that combines strength, stretch, form and balance.

Einat’s philosophy is that each student is equal, no matter their age or level, and everyone receives the necessary motivation and encouragement to improve their fitness, and exceed personal expectations. The classes are intense, and students notice a measurable difference in their bodies, posture, balance and strength. By keeping the classes small, each student also experiences personal attention and inspiration to perfect their form, skill and technique.


Pilates, pioneered by Joseph Pilates in the early 1920’s, is a fitness technique that focuses on the coordination of mind, body, and spirit. Pilates strengthens the deep core muscles of the body, which control balance, posture and alignment. These muscles include abdominal, spine, and pelvis. Accompanying breathing techniques maximize the workout benefit and help marry physical and mental coordination and well-being. The effective use of the Pilates technique fosters long and lean musculature, greater strength, increased flexibility, and better posture and balance.

Joseph Pilates perfected the technique and invented the accompanying equipment during his early life in Europe. Eventually, he moved to New York and developed a following within the dance community, particularly the New York City Ballet. Over the years, Pilates has spread in popularity worldwide as people have discovered its many benefits. Many doctors and physical therapists recommend Pilates as a rehabilitative strengthening method.

At The Art of Pilates by Einat, we utilize many of the exercises and philosophies engineered by Joseph Pilates, and have added other elements to create an exceptional, customized workout experience.